Collection: Acu-Cutter 500 Series Replacement Parts

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At Acu-Cutter, we manufacture and sell cost-effective foam saws that have proven indispensable to those who work in furniture making or with upholstery. The Acu-Cutter 500 is best suited for those who work with high volumes of upholstery foam. But, with enough use or over a long enough period of time, you’ll find a need for foam saw replacement parts.

We carry everything you need to ensure your Acu-Cutter 500 continues to function properly. We have replacement blades compatible with both the 8-inch and 12-inch versions of the Acu-Cutter 500. We also carry replacement base plates and blade guides.

Browse our selection of foam saw replacement parts for the Acu-Cutter 500 Series today. And don’t forget to pick up some extra blade lubricant if you’re running low. We recommend that you lubricate after each foam-cutting session.