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One Moving Blade & One Fixed Blade

Investment in a quality Acu-Cutter foam saw will improve your efficiency
and showcase your professional skills.

  • 7 lb - Lightweight and easy to use
  • Flexible blade can easily handle sharp corners
  • Detachable low profile Base
  • Delrin glide rollers for a smooth cutting surface
  • Saw comes fully assembled "ready to use out of the box".
  • Customers love the versatility and reasonable pricing.
  • Variable speed switch with LOCKING mechanism for hold or release use.
  • Powered by a 4.5 amp Black & Decker JS 500 jig saw motor *

All replacement parts are sold separately and in stock for same day shipping.

* Motor is Made in China

In an effort to provide a convenient and affordable option for upholstery foam cutting, we’ve developed multiple handheld foam cutter, such as the Acu-Cutter 350 Series. Featuring one fixed and one reciprocating blade, as well as a detachable base, this foam cutter is amongst the most flexible cutters on the market. By removing the base, you are allowed unparalleled flexibility when it comes to cutting custom shapes into upholstery foam. You’ll wonder how you made it this far without an Acu-Cutter 350.

Not sure if the Acu-Cutter 350 is right for your needs? Contact our customer service team today—they’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have and ensure you make the right purchase.