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Product Reviews

Cut's like butter - makes quick work of foam cutting.

This machine/tool is awesome!...makes quick work of cutting foam with little mess and fuss. Also,, was very accurate as advertised. I wish I bought it a long time ago when I was doing cushions for my 27' Hunter - that process took hours and wasn't very precise. I liked the variable speed operation and the proper grip for the hand.

 Chris J 2017-01-15


Time Saver

This has been a time saver. Before I was just using an electric knife, it took more time and not as straight of a cut when you went off-course. Excellent choice in a purchase for our company.

Sy 2017-05-15


New favorite tool - don't even give it a second thought

First I would say, put the electric knife back in the kitchen. This tool will make your project look as professional as it can get. I was most happy with the accuracy in the vertical plane of the cut and keeping it straight is a breeze. It stands upright on its own and with the variable speed it is very easy to control. I tested the machine on scraps and even made some curves which is when I was sold that I made a good decision and investment.

Worth the extra money.

Mike 2017-08-18